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Online Personal Training

Your very own

Personal Coach

You don't just get a training plan, you get a coach that is invested in your success. A Certified Expert to create your customized training plan, guide you on your path to health and help keep you motivated and accountable.  You'll have access to Unlimited messaging for questions,  be able to send and receive feedback, and send videos for technique analysis via the True Coach Platform.


Nutritional Coaching

Your coach will write and send you your customized caloric and macro-nutrient recommendations set to your personal needs, and help you remove the stress associated with dieting by empowering you with the knowledge to accomplish your goals. You will also have access to a guideline to fitness nutrition written by your coach to teach you the basics of nutritional science. 


A Customized

Training Program

A training program tailored to your movement ability and specific goals. Your coach will evaluate your movement capacity during an Online Movement Assessment Via Zoom and create your fully personalized training program.  Each prescribed exercise in your program will have a demonstration video linked for you to reference.

customized training 

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Pr0gram features

  • Customized Progressive Training Programs

    • 3-5 day Training program with exercise video reference and specific exercises to correct movement impairments. 

  • Nutritional Coaching: Personalized Calorie and Macro-nutrient Guidance - weekly meal log review via myfitnesspal

  • Unlimited Messaging via the TrueCoach platform

  • Technique Analysis via the Exercise Result Section of your Program

Rise Beyond Your Limits



"I'm in the best shape of my life,  training with Rise Beyond Fitness is literally the greatest investment I have ever made in myself"


a MESSAGE FROM your coach



  • Weight Loss / Body Fat Reduction

  • Improve Mobility & Flexibility

  • Improve Posture and Joint Health

  • Increase Strength & Performance

  • Increase Lean Body Mass

  • Reduce/Eliminate Pain with Corrective Exercise Strategies

Coach Jose Morejon 

Strength and Conditioning - Corrective Exercise - Performance Enhancement - Nutrition - Functional Movement - Exercise Science

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rISE BEYOND your limits

Rise Beyond Fitness
Online Personal Training
& Nutritional Coaching


Rise Beyond Fitness
Online Personal Training


Rise Beyond Fitness
Nutritional Coaching


(Best Value)

  •  Recurring Renewal 

  •  Includes an Initial 60 minute session via Zoom covering: Nutritional Guidance/ Movement Evaluation 

  • Customized Training Program

  • Technique and Form evaluation

  • Communication With Rise Beyond Fitness Coach

  • Nutritional Coaching and Guidance

  • Meal Log Review 

  • Weekly Check-Ins to help keep you on track and accountable

  •  Recurring Renewal 

  •  Includes an Initial 45 minute  Movement Evaluation via Zoom

  •  Customized Training Program

  • Technique and Form evaluation

  • Communication With Rise Beyond Fitness Coach

  • Weekly Check-Ins to help keep you on track and accountable

  • Recurring Renewal

  • Nutritional Coaching and Guidance

  •  Includes an Initial 30 minute nutritional strategy session via zoom

  • Meal Log review and feedback

  • Communication With Rise Beyond Fitness Coach

  • Weekly Check-Ins to help keep you on track and accountable

Limited availability

We are limiting our Online training to 30 clients. This allow us to provide the highest level of quality and service to you. Once we reach capacity we will disable the sign up links and provide an estimated time in which we will re-open Online Coaching

when you sign up


After signing up, you will receive an email confirmation and a form containing links to your Fitness/Nutrition Questionnaire and a button to Schedule your Meeting with your Coach.


The meeting will cover your questionnaire answers and a detailed Movement Evaluation.  The Evaluation will be delivered via Zoom. The objective is to evaluate your Active Ranges of Motion at every major joint and your Movement Pattern Control.


Your assessment is the starting point for your coach to develop a safe and effective program that is completely personalized to your goals and movement ability.

If you are Nutrition Coaching Client, the meeting will be a strategy session to coach you on the direction towards accomplishing your wellness goals. 

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