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  • Unlimited E-mail Messaging

  • Accountability Phone Sessions


A Certified Expert to make your plan

A Devoted Coach to keep you Motivated

A Nutritious Meal Guide

to help you on your Journey


  • Guideline to Fitness Nutrition

  • Dozens of Healthy Recipes


A Nutritional Guideline to coach you on healthier habits and help you see results

A PersonalizeExercise Plan

Tailored to Your Goals


  • A Customized Training Plan

  • Exercise Reference Videos

 A customized workout plan with exercise reference videos to coach you on proper form

A Custom Plan for Your Success

Is this program for you?

Do you have the self discipline and motivation to achieve real change? Is the only thing holding you back from taking charge of your health is not knowing what to do at the gym, or where to begin with your diet? Are you looking for a customized training program to help you Rise Beyond Your Limits? Our Online Personal training program delivers an effective and affordable alternative to traditional personal training methods. If you put in the work and follow the program, you will see results. 

What makes us different?

1. A Customized Fitness Plan

Your program is completely customized and tailored to your goals and fitness questionnaire. That means that we sit down and think about what selection of exercises will help YOU become the best version of yourself. Each exercise on your plan will have a reference link with a video demonstration and description of how to perform each movement. Every week your training variables will update to account for changes in strength. Each month you will get an entirely new program based on the progress you've made from the previous month. 


2. A Guideline to Fitness Nutrition

When is comes to being successful, Knowledge is power.  Our guideline to nutritional basics coaches you on the proper portions, timing, and caloric compositions you should be aiming to achieve your fitness goals. We want to empower you by giving you the tools to make the best choices when it comes to your diet. We also provide you with dozens of recipes and menu ideas so that you can craft your own meal plan. You will also have some "on the go" options for when you're out and need to make the best food selection.

3. Accountability and Support

Our number one priority is your success. We schedule a 15 minute accountability  phone call every week, so that we can stay up to date with your progress and answer any questions you have about your diet and workout. Submit a progress and feedback report to provide your trainer with measurement updates, progress pictures and training feedback.

Rise Beyond

Transformation Package

A 12 Week Training Plan that Progressively Builds so You Can Rise Beyond Your Limits.​

  • 12 weeks of customized training

    • Split workout plan with cardio guidance.

    • Training variables progress and build each week.

    • A New Training Plan Every Month

  • Guideline to Fitness Nutrition

  • Weekly Accountability Phone Sessions 

  • Progress Tracking

  • Unlimited Email to your Trainer



an hour


a day


Personal Training



Personal Training

How it Works

1. Process your Payment with the Security of PayPal

Begin the Enrollment process and read through our Terms of Use. Proceed to checkout and process your payment with the security of Paypal. A Paypal account is not required. You will be redirected to a "Next Steps" page with directions on how to create your account once your payment has been submitted. 


2. Create Your Login to Access to Member's Section

Once you create your username and password, your access to the portal will be unlocked when your coach verifies that you have purchased the program (within the same day). You will receive a Welcome Email notifying you that you have been granted access. The member' section will contain:


  • Online Fitness Questionnaire

  • Guideline to Fitness Nutrition

  • Fitness Progress Report

  • Trainer Contact Resource

3. Complete Your Fitness Questionnaire

Log in to the Member portal and take your Online Fitness Questionnaire. After review, your trainer will develop a completely personalized fitness plan that is tailored to bring you success!

You will receive your exercise program within 2-4 days of submitting your questionnaire

4. Receive your Personalized Training Program

Once your trainer has reviewed your fitness questionnaire,  you will receive an e-mail containing your customized training plan. Each exercise on your workout will be linked to a corresponding reference video and description. View your workout on the go by downloading the Adobe Reader app on your smartphone or mobile device. 

5. Unlimited Email Access to Your Trainer and Weekly Accountability Phone Sessions

Whether it's a question about your workout, nutritional advice, or you just that extra motivational push, we're here for you! Every week you can schedule a 15 minute conversation with your trainer to chat about and you can always E-mail your coach and receive a guaranteed response within 24 hours.  

6. Feedback Reports to Chart Your Progress

We want you to reach your highest potential. Log in to the Member Portal every two weeks to complete a progress report to update your trainer on the results you've achieved, and provide feedback about your workout experience.

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